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Pagani Zonda C12 S 7.3

  • 29.09.2004
  • 10.800 km
  • 408 kW (555 PS)
  • 7291 ccm ccm
  • 6-Gang manuell
  • schwarz metallic
  • Ganzlederausstattung blau


The design of the Zonda S, the result of Horacio Pagani's creative ability, is the maximum expression of aesthetic, aerodynamic and ergonomic research generating strong emotions. The spirit of improvement of the Zonda S 7.3 is based on a simple concept that we want to defend and exalt: the stubborn rigour in the search for perfection and originality. ZONDA S where the solutions adopted are perfect in every detail. The car has soft and clean lines, optimised internal and external air intakes and the special pointed 'nose', which was already foreseen in the early sketches examined in 1988 by Juan Manuel Fangio.

The aerodynamic pressure centre is positioned even further back thanks to the displacement of the original dual spoiler, complete with two flaps on the engine bonnet. The overall structure ensures a high aerodynamic efficiency for the entire car, contributing to the considerable aesthetic impact. The rear lights, the network of air outlets and the round housing of the four exhaust terminals create an original and unique geometry: a real 'trademark' for the Zonda S.

The new 7.3 engine with titanium connecting rods is equipped now with a specifically designed and entirely handmade air intake system; this new feature enwraps the engine and gives the unit an even more impressive overall appearance. The air intake positioned in a high-pressure area contributes to enhance the efficiency of the 7.3 engine that with a maximum power output of 555bhp and confirms the work done by the Mercedes AMG technicians.

The central carbon chassis is produced by implementing aeronautical methods and incorporates the Cr-Mo and composite roll bar. The front sub-frame has a high impact absorbing capacity, ensuring an excellent degree of protection; passive safety is optimum in the event of a crash or rollover. The rear sub-frame is designed to support the load of the mechanics and of the sophisticated aluminium suspensions.

Originality and functionality are the dominant themes of the Zonda S, underlined by the generous use of leather, carbon, satin finish aluminium and other precious materials. The made to measure carbon seats are upholstered in leather and nabuk, the dashboard is of satin-finish aluminium, the instrumentation grouped underneath an extremely original eyelid design, the finely machined aluminium foot pedals are all features of distinctive originality and comfort. Rear visibility has improved, thanks to the bonnet profile, which is now lower. The interior finish is completed with a stereo, multi-loading CD changer, satellite navigator and air conditioner.

The silent running Mercedes engine, the luminous dome roof, the excellent soundproofing and the virtual total absence of vibrations (the result of careful design) offer incredible comfort. The weight is limited to only 1,350 kg, while the torsional stiffness and resistance to bending have reached record breaking levels. To the real car enthusiast the Zonda S presents itself as a reactive car in every condition, free from roll and pitch effects and with extremely precise steering. The road holding capacity is good and safe: not only thanks to the excellent suspensions and the very rigid chassis, but also to the high aerodynamic efficiency of the bodywork which offers an overall negative lift equal to 500 kg at a speed of 300 km/h.


This Zonda S was first registered in Italy and belongs sind 2008 to japanese car-collector.

The car accident-free condition and without repainting.


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